Future Activities

At the present time, our focus is on implementing Colfax ECHO and organizing the Action Teams. However, here are some other activities currently in development or being considered:

Youth Leadership Development 

RAIN has received support from the Superintendents for five rural school districts (Cimarron, Des Moines, Maxwell, Raton, and Springer) to establish a virtual Youth Leadership Development Training Program. Most students in these five districts, especially those with low esteem and lacking self-confidence, have no opportunity to develop leadership attributes and characteristics. We have identified an evidence-based curriculum which would provide facilitators and program materials. RAIN has applied for grant funding to implement this program during the late summer of 2022 and throughout the 2022-23 academic year.

Community Resources Database

Individuals in need of help do not necessarily know where to find the resources which would benefit them. There are many individual phone numbers, but they are not necessarily well-publicized. RAIN has applied for grant funding to develop an online community resources database which would be available to the volunteers and to the public on the RAIN website.


The RAIN Board of Directors is currently considering developing a County-wide Helpline which would provide a toll-free phone number available 24 four hours a day and 7 days a week, staffed by trained volunteers. The Helpline would be widely publicized and provide one place where individuals could call to find out how to connect with various community resources rather than go thru the often arduous task of doing the research themselves. The key to the success of the Helpline would be the development of an online database which would be available to the volunteers and to the public on the RAIN website. It is important to note that the Helpline is not meant to replace the contact information for community resources but rather provide a centralized means for obtaining that information. If you would be willing to serve as a Helpline volunteer, please click here.

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