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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan calls for three Action Teams: Children, Youth, & Families; Housing, Shelters, & Transportation; and Medical & Behavioral Health. Below are the Strategic Objectives for each Action Team. RAIN is now in the process of recruiting and organizing these three Action Teams. Each Action Team will work individually to develop specific Action Plans to meet their respective objectives. If you are interested in becoming an Action Team member, please click on the Volunteers link. .

Children, Youth, & Families

  • Support and/or develop programs focused on children, youth, and families living in environments detrimental to their health, education, and well-being.
  • Enhance the health of children and youth through physical, behavioral, and mental health programs.
  • Promote awareness and impact of mental and behavioral health issues on children, youth, and family environments.
  • Engage community involvement in programs focused on the health and well-being of children and youth.

Housing, Shelters, & Transportation

  • Develop sufficient emergency shelter capacity for the homeless, transients, and victims of domestic violence.
  • Increase availability of temporary, transitional, and affordable housing.
  • Evaluate the feasibility for a comprehensive local transportation system in the greater Raton area.

Medical and Behavioral Health

  • Educate public and providers on mental and behavioral health.
  • Improve timely access to services.
  • Increase the number of providers in our area.
  • Provide bridge medical assisted treatment (MAT) through the MCMC Emergency Department.

Specific Activities

Colfax Echo

RAIN has partnered with the University of New Mexico’s Project ECHO® to create Colfax ECHO using their Behavioral Health and Addiction model. Our goal is to improve interactions between community members, especially law enforcement agencies, with individuals having behavioral health and/or substance abuse issues, with the hope of creating diversion programs as an alternative to incarceration.

Community Resources Directory

Last year, RAIN received a grant from the North East Network of New Mexico to produce an online Community Resources Directory for Colfax and Union Counties which is now available on this website. It is a searchable database with over 300 entries which can be of benefit to the entire community. However, it will most likely be used by those seeking to provide resources, as opposed to those actually seeking resources. We hope to publicize this service to various agencies and organizations later in 2023 and provide training on how to take advantage of this Directory.

Drug Education

In collaboration with Cindy Johnson, RAIN’s Vice President and the MCMC Pharmacy Director, RAIN recently began a campaign to alert community businesses and residents about a dangerous new drug which is having devastating consequences in our region.



NEN-NM Contract

RAIN has contracted with the North East Network of NM (NEN-NM) to provide services as a Community Advisory Council for Colfax County. As part of this contract, we will be conducting focus groups and Community Health Needs Surveys to determine healthcare priorities. We will then create a Community Health Implementation Plan for the top priority.

Recovery & Remembrance

Last September, RAIN sponsored an initial Recovery & Remembrance event in Ripley Park utilizing a grant from Recovery Communities of NM and a number of personal donations. This year, Local Collaborative 8 (LC8) provided funds for a behavioral health consumer event “Living in Awareness” at the Raton Convention Center. (RAIN serves as the LC8 fiscal agent and collaborated with the LC8 and the Consumers’ Committee to put on this event). Now, RAIN plans to once again collaborate with the LC8 and Recovery Communities of NM to sponsor the 2nd Annual Recovery & Remembrance Celebration in Ripley Park on September 16, 2023. Activities will commence at 11 am with Recovery Speakers, a Community Lunch (food & drink provided), a Karaoke Contest, Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest, Recovery Games (Corn Hole, Horse Shoes, and Charades), and close with our Remembrance Ceremony for those who have lost their lives due to substance abuse.

Youth Life Skills Training

RAIN is working with the Superintendents from five rural districts in northeast NM to create a virtual learning experience for 7th graders in the fall of 2023. The emphasis will be on learning life skills which improve self-confidence and self-esteem for students who are normally reluctant to readily participate in school activities. At this time, we are seeking a grant to fund this program once all five Superintendents sign off on the curriculum.

Future Initiatives

Recovery & Reentry Center

RAIN seeks to create a Recovery & Reentry Center for individuals returning from jail or prison. The program will be restricted to individuals who are NOT violent felons, sex offenders, or individuals with gang affiliations. Prior to entry into the program, all potential participants will be screened to determine their level of motivation, and we will only admit into the program those who demonstrate the highest level of motivation to successfully reenter society as productive members of our community. All participants with substance abuse issues will be required to be in recovery at the time they enter the program.

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