RAIN is an acronym for the Regional Agency Intervention Network. Incorporated as a nonprofit organization, our network is a collaboration of representatives from agencies, organizations, and concerned individuals in Colfax County NM. Together, we seek to alleviate the behavioral health and substance abuse issues that affect the quality of life for individuals and families in our communities.

Our strategic plan and subsequent activities are the result of a study and report commissioned by the Miners Colfax Medical Center (MCMC) to develop a mental and behavioral health community model. The dedication and hard work of volunteers who share our Vision and Core Values make it possible for us to carry out our Mission. We depend upon the generosity of donors, both big and small, to sustain us financially. We also seek grants from institutions which align with our Vision, Mission and Core Values.

The rainbow in the RAIN logo represents our hope, that through our work in addressing the underlying issues, we can improve the quality of life in each of our communities. Listening to the various needs of our communities and responding appropriately, we believe that it is possible to bring about positive change. We strive daily to create a better life for the individuals and families in our region.

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